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Flea Control

Fleas are wingless insects (1/16 to 1/8-inch (1.5 to 3.3 mm) long) that are agile, usually dark colored (for example, the reddish-brown of the cat flea), with tube-like mouth-parts adapted to feeding on the blood of their hosts. Their legs are long, the hind pair well adapted for jumping: a flea can jump vertically up to 7 inches. Flea control requires the whole floor area to be sprayed in all areas where pets go. To get prepared for the exterminator to come, please pick up things from the floor such as toys, clothes etc. Pets that brought the fleas in must be treated with "Advantage" or "Revolution" supplied only by vets. If your not sure if you have fleas, walk around the house with white socks on, within minutes you will find out. Flea extermination in the house and flea control in your yard is achievable.

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